United Are Massive

Last updated : 29 July 2007 By Editor

"The reach of Manchester United goes beyond individual players.

"If you look at the Beckham effect, the main area that did impact was in Japan. The other markets were fine.

"But Manchester United will always have top stars. The club has a history and a heritage to protect. We have always been associated with flair and excitement. Nothing has changed in that respect.

"We have Ronaldo and Rooney, while Nani has come on this trip and made a big impression already."

Gill talks of expanding the 'brand':

"We do have many more fans in the Far East than we have in the United States..

"Korea was a surprise to us because, while we knew it would be more intense than Japan, from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we left, it was absolutely superb.

"We have not discussed what happens in two years' time but you are always seeing where the market is going and where the interest is."