Last updated : 26 August 2004 By Editor
United last night made a £20 million bid for Wayne Rooney despite Newcastle
having a bid for the same amount of money turned down on Monday. Whether
the bid is a token gesture to keep the fans happy with a 'well, at least we tried'
attitude or a genuine bid is yet to be seen. SAF told MUTV:
"We've made a bid - he's a fabulous player, he showed that at Euro 2004 - and is a young player.

"He's not the finished article yet, but we've got experience of bringing young
players to the club and bringing them on."

"Newcastle's bid triggered things for us. I was hoping we could get him but time
was running out and I started to think there was no chance.

"We will now wait to see what Everton say, but we have made our intentions
clear that we would like to have the boy."

Everton manager David Moyes has said however that Rooney won't be going

"We don't want to lose Wayne, but if we do, the only way is at the top price and
the value we want," he said.

"I would like to quote Bobby Robson's words: 'You're talking about buying the
most exciting, brilliant young player in Europe'.

"If that is what Sir Bobby thinks, then he's got to pay the most exciting and
brilliant price because his current valuation is well short.

"Didier Drogba went to Chelsea for £24m, so Wayne's price should be well more than that. He's English and if you want to buy English, you have to pay a higher

More developments are expected today.