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Nemanja Vidic, "When I was a child there were some fabulous players but really I don't try to imitate or copy anyone and I don't have any role models. I am trying to be myself, make my own style and produce my own image.

"The players have accepted me already, been very friendly and made me feel very welcome. I cannot see anything else presenting a problem now. I am sure English football would suit me and I will adapt very quickly."


"All our scouting reports on him were excellent. From what I can see his only weakness is he cannot speak much English. We know English football can be different sometimes and team do have different styles but I am sure he will be fine once he gets a few games under his belt.

"He's a young man too and for centre-halves the best days are ahead of him at 24 years of age. He's going to mature and develop and I think you will see the best of him over the next few years. Once he gets used to the English game, he will develop into a great centre-half, I'm sure of that.

"In football, there is never the last piece of the jigsaw. You are always chasing the rainbow, no matter how successful you are. You always look to improve, which is what we are trying to do here. We may do things differently to some other clubs but the one great thing I have always had at my time at United is the backing to take a long-term view of things.

"We have the opportunity of looking a little bit further ahead to see how players will be in two or three years' time. Obviously, we also have to try to maintain success at the same time. It is not easy but we are not far away. We think the present squad, staying together, can achieve that."