Last updated : 13 August 2004 By Editor
Chelsea's new signing Paulo Ferreira seems to think that United are a two man
team and he fully expects Chelsea to roll the Reds over this Sunday. He said

"United have problems in attack which is positive for us,"

"Van Nistelrooy and Ronaldo are their best two attackers. Alan Smith is good but he does not have the quality of his companions.

"He might fight a lot for his side but he's not half the player van Nistelrooy or
Ronaldo are.

"Without these players United are very normal and there is no doubt we will win the first game.

"But I know we will have to be at our best on Sunday and I will be treating this
first match as if it was the Champions League final against Monaco."

Let's hope Smith gives him the welcome to the Premiership he deserves.