Last updated : 06 June 2004 By Editor

Regurgitated but in today's Mirror:

"I am convinced that we will be back to our best next season. I have every faith in the manager because he has the experience and ability to turn things round.

"When I arrived we won nothing in my first season and everyone said it was a crisis. The following season we were winners again and the critics were quickly silenced.

"The manager is not looking for success in the short-term. He is going to build a team capable of winning the League and the Champions League for some time.

"It's laughable that people criticise the manager. Most of them haven't got a clue what they are talking about. He's a fantastic manager and no manager can win the title every season, you have to let someone else enjoy the moment.

"But at least he is gracious in defeat. Arsenal went the whole season unbeaten and they deserved to win the title. The manager was the first to congratulate Arsene Wenger and his team.

"But what did he do when we won the title? He said the best team didn't win it. What a load of crap. What a complete load of nonsense.

"You should have the decency and the respect to pay tribute to a good team."