Last updated : 05 April 2004 By Editor
Wenger on Fergie’s assessment of his teams European chance:

"It's a long time since we listened to what he says. I don't
understand why he might think that. I'm not intelligent

Arsene was still very upset about Scholes’ challenge on

"That tackle was a very bad one. I'm sorry to lose a player
on things like that. Reyes was playing very well. I don't
know if they thought 'we have to stop him somehow'."

Ignoring his team of saints and their elbows, pushes, dives
on Saturday, Vieira’s ‘tackle’ on Ruud last week, etc etc

Thierry Henry:

“It's not about the pressure. We're not machines. How do you
play four games in a week? This was a kind of a rest for me
but sometimes people must remember we are only human beings
and it's difficult.

“I had never heard any of the Arsenal players talking about
the treble. Other people may have been, but we weren't,”