Last updated : 15 June 2004 By editor

According to Reuters a man identifying himself as Yap complained to the main ethnic Chinese political party after his wife confiscated the TV remote control and satellite card for watching Sunday night's England-France Euro 2004 soccer match.

The 46-year-old man, identifying himself only as Yap, said his partner had told him to go to bed early so that he could take their two children to school on Monday.

"She refused to allow me to watch the game although I promised not to oversleep or shun my responsibility of sending the children to school," Yap was quoted as saying by the English-language Star newspaper.

Yap sneaked out of bed at about 2.20 a.m. (1820 GMT) to watch the game but his shout of anguish at French captain Zinedine Zidane's injury-time penalty winner some two hours later woke up his wife.

She grabbed the remote control and cuffed him over the head with it before banning him from watching any more matches in the Euro 2004 championship.

"My wife just doesn't understand my passion for football," Yap complained.