Last updated : 02 January 2004 By Editor

RK in the Super-soaraway Sun:

"Myself, Ryan, Gary and David Bellion are yoga regulars and every now and then another player will join us.

"Ideally, I like to do a session the day after a game and another a couple of days before the next game.

"Physically, it’s very demanding but I think we are all feeling the benefits. We don’t seem to have the niggles we used to get.

"It’s still hard going but our bodies are adapting to it.

"The lady who takes the classes says it will take years to get used to it because the body is so used to doing the wrong things."

From The Mirror:

"I'm feeling really good and I've got two years left on my contract after this season," said Keane. "It's dangerous to look too far ahead but I'm fairly confident

I can see out the next year or two, and by that I mean playing and contributing to the team.

"I'm sure the manager won't be sentimental about me. We've seen it with other players where he's told them their time's up.

"I've got a couple of years left but I don't want to go out with a whimper, playing 10 or 15 games a season. And I'm sure the club wouldn't keep me if I was doing that. There's always that fear, but I think that's healthy. It drives you on."