Last updated : 16 April 2004 By Editor

SGE: "Wes Brown is coming along. He had two bad injuries in one year but now he's coming and is playing better and better.

"When the time comes I will talk to Wes Brown and I will talk to Sir Alex (Ferguson) as well, so we'll see how his injuries are and how he is progressing.

This is what we reported Fergie saying on Tuesday:

"After what Wes has been through with injuries, what he needs more than anything this summer is a complete rest. That is the advice he has been given by our physios and as much as he may want to be involved in the European Championship, I'm sure he will act on the advice he has been given and put his feet up this summer."

"It might be different if Wes was going to actually play in the finals in Portugal. But he would be going there only to make up the numbers.

"It's funny but in certain sections of the media he was being condemned only a few weeks ago, and now those same people are urging Eriksson to take him to Portugal. "

"Right from day one I have never changed my mind about Brown's abilities. Everyone knows what I think of him. He's looked terrific in his last few matches and he'll be even better if he gets a good long rest this summer."