7 Ex-Premier League Stars You Didn't Know Were Still Playing

Last updated : 23 December 2017 By Tom Bodell, Football Whispers

The success of the Premier League means it has become the unofficial centre of the football universe.

Players are never more high profile than why they’re plying their trade – successfully or unsuccessfully – in England. Moving to the Premier League, even to be Watford‘s back-up right-back, raises your profile.

But, by the same token, when you leave England’s top flight you fade into obscurity. Unless you’re Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham. They did OK for themselves.

So we’ve come up with seven ex-Premier League stars you won’t have known are still playing. Prepare to be surprised…and wonder if you could get a game in some of these leagues.

Here are the 7 ex-Premier League players you didn't know were still playing!

Written by Tom Bodell, Football Whispers